Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

This post is not a review of the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic" (even though I'd like to see it!)

No, this post is about my little miss Shopaholic Carlee.

Carlee used to throw such HUGE fits over shoe shopping. I mean she used melt down into an instant don't touch my feet-I hate shoes mode. These days the switch has flipped and I can't seem to keep her AWAY from shoes! She excitedly squeals, "Let's see! Let's see!" as she makes her way over to the shoe displays. She will then proceed to touch every shoe and say, "Pretty!"

My cousin Kaitlyn was trying on flip flops yesterday and she grabbed a size 6 (Yes a 6! She needs to stop growing!) and Carlee just had to try them on too. She was so cute trying to walk around in shoes five times too big. Well, she was cute until I told her to take them off. Then she started a diva tantrum and refused to remove them from her feet. After all, Kaitlyn and mommy got shoes so it seemed only fair to her that she should get some too right? Well, life's not always fair girl.

Kaitlyn thought it was funny when Carlee saw something she liked in the store. Carlee would run up to it and laugh a wicked "Heh, heh, heh!" almost as if saying, "Oh this should be mine!" She did that with an adorable little monkey purse that caught her eye. We handed Carlee a pair of shoes to keep her hands busy just so we could pry it off her arm!

All the sparkly jewelry in the display cases have caught her eye now too. I've never seen her so intrigued! She looked just like this little girl:

My girl wants jewelry Pictures, Images and Photos

We took her to Claire's to look at some "cheaper" jewelry (even though mommy didn't buy her anything!). She grabbed a basket and started filling it up. Every time she turned her back mommy would take something out and put it back on the shelf. Yep, I'm soooo sneaky! She was disappointed when she didn't get anything so she played tug-o-war with Kaitlyn over a pair of cupcake earrings I bought for Kaitlyn's b-day. Sorry Carlee! You gotta have pierced ears to get those!

Anyways, I think you can see that my little miss Carlee is just starting to be a shopaholic. By the time she turns five we might have to let her join a kindergarten shoppers anonymous. I guess I shouldn't have complained that Carlee didn't used to like shopping. Complaining usually backfires!


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Cherie said...

That is so cute!

My daughter was the same way when she was little. I remember fighting over a coat once. She needed a winter coat but I did not like the ones she picked out and she did not like the ones I picked out. She was about 4 and told me she wouldn't wear the coat if we got one I picked out. Little stinker.
So we went to another store and comprimised, but in the end it was something she picked.
Now she is grown and she is a great shopper. She can put outfits together at thrift stores or expensive stores. She has a great eye.
I guess it all starts when they are young!