Thursday, September 3, 2009

Carlee's turn!

Back to pre-school!!

Carlee was EXTREMELY excited to head back
to her old classroom with Mrs. Snyder.

She picked out this outfit and was very excited to wear a girlie scarf. I think we have another Kaitlyn (our girlie cousin) on our hands. You can't tell but her nails were painted with pink sparkles. Plus she had on brand spankin' new white tights. The tights turned out to be a mistake. By the time I picked her up from grandma's house they were filthy and full of holes. Sigh.

When I asked Carlee about her first day of school she just mumbled something very fast with lots of hand motions. I picked out the word "teacher" but that's all I got. Grandma said she danced with Joel the maintenance man. She adores him!

We were able to go to Back to School night later that evening and ask her teacher what really went on that day. She said Carlee did excellent! She had more interactive play which is awesome. Last year she did more parallel playing and stayed more to herself. It's very good to see her interacting with the other kids.

Carlee had a couple of opinionated moments when she thought another little girls shoes were hers. Tantrum time! Then she decided that she had to have a pink construction paper circle for their art project even though she already had help cutting out a blue circle. She shoved it across the table and didn't want anything to do with it. Crazy girl.

I was very impressed that the teacher got 12 students down for a nap. It's a very hard task! Carlee wasn't even grumpy after she woke up. Woo hoo!

Carlee has improved so much mentally since she started pre-school last year. The teacher and aides do such a great job with the kids. I just love them! I'm so happy that Carlee gets to return with them again to gain more knowledge and skills that she needs before kindergarten.


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Brenden, Lorie and Our Girls said...

Cute outfit! What an adorable little girl!