Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blackfoot Fair

We can never stop by the fair without visiting the petting zoo. The kids get crazy excited to pet the roaming animals.

Mostly roaming were goats...

...and more goats.

Carlee loved the donkey and kept calling it, "Horsie!"

I wish we could have held the baby piglets but mama was very protective. Not to mention they were behind a fence.

Collin thought they were, "So cute!"

More goats, or maybe the same one? I think Carlee was fascinated.

We all loved the turtles!

They each had to feel how hard his shell was.

And now for:
more goats!!

Now we can move onto other animals.

Like bunnies!

And miniature horses!

They are way too cute.

As for the big horses?

Carlee was scared of them again. Poor girl. I think they are beautiful. She did a little bit better when she could just see their faces from the front. I think their huge legs scared her. She loved the chickens though. Birds are one of her fav's.

We didn't go on any rides, eat any tiger ears (scones) or cotton candy, or play any games. We are trying to save some money to buy more Halloween decorations. We did however have to eat a little dinner and we even tried some alligator tails! Very spicy but otherwise had a chicken feeling to it. Hopefully next year I'll get my tiger ear!


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Ashley said...

Wow, you got some great pictures! Gotta love farm animals with the kids!

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Cherie said...

OH MY love all those fun animals - especially the pigs - those little piglets are so cute cute cute.
Looks like your kids had a ball with them. Sometimes you don't need the rides or the fair food when the kids are little - isn't that great!