Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Signs of the Terrible Threes.


My sweet innocent Carlee passed by the terrible two's. I thought I would be home free and skip the whole ordeal. But, alas, she has moved into the even scarier Terrible Threes!! Eeek!

This is Carlee right now:

Throwing tantrum after tantrum! She has the whole arm crossing, pouty lip, and "Huh, hmmmp" thing going on. I guess she learned it from the best. She sees Collin doing the same thing and just has to copy him.

Attitude. What a diva! If she doesn't get her way she screams and cries.

Blaming her brother for things he didn't do. She'll come over to me bawling, point to Collin and say, "Him!" This is after watching them and seeing Collin do nothing to her. Onery!

Refuses to use the potty. She's only actually peed on the potty a couple of times. She throws a tantrum if we try to get her to sit on it. Then she lies when I ask her if she is poopy.

Thinks everything is hers. Mine! Mine! Mine! Enough said.

Doesn't want to do her work at school. Aye, aye, aye. She throws a fit in class if the teacher actually makes her work. Such a hard life to draw straight lines. She does a little better if she gets to sit by her favorite girl in class for some reason though.

Carlee is almost four and I hope she grows out of this stage soon. Momma needs Calgon to take her away!! Just kiddin'. Love you Carlee!


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Cherie said...

It can be hard sometimes for both mom and child.
Those horns are hilarious!
Good luck with the terrible 3's!

Ashley said...

Yikes! Makes me not look forward to Kirsten turning three. :)