Sunday, October 7, 2007

Goin' to the Dogs!

The only way these kids get to have a dog in the house is if they pretend that they are doggies (unless Rowdy visits). Maybe someday they can have one outside if their dad would ever agree. He's pretty adamant on not having any pet. So for now I have two little puppies running around the house, one named macaroni. Collin didn't give Carlee a name yet.
Collin loves to play fetch.

They both love to drink water out of bowls. I probably shouldn't let them but they have a good time.

They even play doggies at grandma Christensen's house.

They like to play doggie parlor too and brush each others "coats". None of the pictures turned out of them brushing each other because they were too wiggly and laughing too hard.

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