Monday, October 15, 2007

Harvest Fest 2007

This Saturday we decided to check out the Harvest Fest in Idaho Falls. It was a nice sunny day and we were geared up for fun. Collin checked out most of the carnival games first where he was awarded with candy and trinkets. Carlee on the other hand was having no fun and was throwing a complete tantrum. I don't really know why she was carrying on like that except that she wanted to run off and explore but we were keeping her corralled close to us. She'd rather be a free spirit ready to explore on her own.
Next it was time to explore the hay maze. Collin zipped through it twice before Carlee and I made it to the end. She started getting a little annoyed that she picked paths with dead ends.

We had to wait in line for quite some time for the kids to go in the big jump house. Collin waited patiently for his turn while he watched the other kids jump around. Carlee on the other hand was throwing another tantrum because she had to wait in line. Once they both got in there they had a blast although it was hard getting them out when their turn was over.

They had a stage with live music that both of the kids loved. They were shaking their booties and having a good time.

Carlee loved the pumpkins and had to give one a hug.

We had to wait in line again to let the kids go on the little tractor train. (By this point I was wondering if bringing Carlee was a good idea, my oh my that child has no patience!) They had fun though once they got on although Collin kept looking back at us to make sure we could see him and that we were still there.
We had a delicious feast of dutch oven cooking; chicken, baked beans, potatoes, yummy! Then we received samples of deep fried cinnamon rolls which were actually really good.

The kids wanted to play after they ate so we spent some time on the toys. Carlee kept pointing at a little boy who had Lightning McQueen from Disney Pixar's movie "Cars" on his shirt. (Her favorite movie!) Collin went down the fire pole for the first time and thought he was very big stuff.

We ended the fun by playing by the Snake River. Both kids love throwing rocks so this was a real treat for them. All in all we had a good time exploring Freeman Park and the Harvest Fest.

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Mandy Lin said...

What a great day!!! It sounds like you guys had a great time (maybe not Carlee.) Carlee was so cute as she hugged that pumpkin and I can just see Collin thinking he is something special for going down the fire pole. What a great outing!