Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekend Helpers

Collin was such a big help to me this weekend. We were cleaning the house and he wanted to help me so bad. He was able to clean the tables and put away his toys. After each task he said, "What can I do next?" It's nice that he was willing to help out his mama.
He especially loved to help me "doggy-sit" Rowdy.

He wanted me to take this goofy picture.

Carlee wanted to help out too by "cleaning" the shower!

Their favorite task was helping me put up the halloween decorations. What can I say, I love Halloween so I couldn't wait to get everything out! Collin is so excited because I told him when I get another extension cord I will let him hang up spooky lights in his room. Little Carlee was jabbering a mile a minute about everything. She loved looking coming out of the boxes. This morning when grandma and grandpa Christensen came over to pick the kids up Carlee was right there to point out everything and drag them in the dining room to see the window clings that she and Collin helped put up. Then Collin made them look at all the lights in the windows. He has been asking me when Halloween is for weeks now!

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Mandy Lin said...

I love that the are such helpers. Carlee is getting so big, so pretty. I can not wait to hold them again.