Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Carlee!

Carlee loved the Cinderella cake that grandma Christensen made for her. She especially loved that it spins! Check out the birthday cake link at the bottom to see her reaction.

Carlee wasn't really sure how to open presents. Luckily she had lots of Kaitlyn and Collin help.

Carlee with the toy grandma and grandpa bought her from IKEA. (I want to go there!)

Carlee with her princess musical toy. She loves music so I knew she would love it.

Hugging her new slippers from Kaitlyn and Tauna.

Hugging her new princess bear.

All the kids loved the Chicken Little book from grandma and grandpa Brewer. It had musical buttons so Carlee really loved it!

The prince and princess. Little Carlee wouldn't keep a crown on her head ofcourse but these two wore them for a little while. Collin had fun making his girlie hat. (He told me it was the best!)

Check out these links to see some of the birthday fun!

Collin and Carlee playing with birthday balloons

Carlee spinning her Cinderella cake

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