Sunday, October 28, 2007

One Long October Weekend

Darkness, smoke, flashing lights. Eerie sounds, strange creatures grabbing at you from the darkness. Scary scenes, music, and screams. This was my Thursday night. I've never been to a haunted house before so I made Eric take me to one in Idaho Falls. It was called Dr. Slaughter's House of Terror and it was better than I expected it to be. It wasn't cheesy, just spooky. We had to wait in line for a long time but twice they had some teenage kids entertain us on a little stage with dance routines to "Thriller" and another Halloween song. They were really good although I don't know how they could keep straight faces throughout the whole thing. When we went in they had a security guy telling us a little about what would go on in the haunted house. He told us not to hit or swear at the actors. I guess some people have been so scared when they pop out right in their faces that the actors have been whacked a few times. All the passageways were really creepy and with some of the lighting they used I couldn't see some of the scary guys until they were right in my face or right behind me. My throat was a little sore when we got done because of all my screaming although Eric, being my big protector, said he wasn't scared at all.
On Saturday Eric and I took the kids to the Halloween carnival in Arco. Collin almost didn't want to go in because they had smoke and lights in the entrance. He thought it was too spooky but we convinced him to go in anyways. They had games set up in different classrooms and some of them were dark so Collin was a little apprehensive to go in again. He has been scared of everything lately! He ended up having fun though and winning some prizes. Carlee wasn't too happy waiting in some of the lines and since I already experienced her impatience I knew what to expect. Eric on the other hand was getting frustrated with her. Carlee wanted to get down and do her own thing, she does not like being contained at all. Both of the kids loved the fishing game the best and had to do it three times. The kids weren't there that long but they had fun.
Sunday evening grandma Christensen came over to our house to carve pumpkins. I told Collin earlier that week that we would carve pumpkins on Sunday so he kept on asking when Sunday would get here. Then at least five times that day I had to hear, "Is it time to do pumpkins yet?" After all that waiting he wouldn't help me with them. He wanted to watch cartoons instead, the little stinker. He loved them when they were done though and did help me clean the seeds so I guess that's something. Carlee loved them too after we put the lights in them and turned down the lights.

Our pumpkins with changing color lights.

Mom's kitty face pumpkin.

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Mandy Lin said...


It sounds like you had a great time at the haunted house. I would have been screaming with you.

I love that Collin is afraid of everything scary!!! And the pumpkins looked amazing. I hope you guys have fun on Halloween. I really wish I could be there to get dressed up with the kids.