Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Annual Hang Gliders Week

Every year pilots from all over the country load up their vehicles and come to the lovely little town of Moore, Idaho. They come determined to test out their skills on the world class King Mountain range. King mountain has two launch zones. The lower range is at 7,400 feet and the upper is at 8,100 feet. This goes to show you that even in a small rural area we can find excitement!
I remember when Eric and I were still dating he drove me up the trail to the lower launch. For someone terrified of heights this was not a good thing. Sure I was fine when I got up there but it was the drive that I couldn't handle! I had a major anxiety attack on the way down. (Crazy driver!) Luckily they have made a better path up the mountain that isn't as scary. I really admire the pilots that can gather up the nerve to jump off a mountain. I love to watch them but I think I'll keep my feet on the ground...unless I'm in an airplane!

Eric took Collin up on the mountain to watch some of the action. Collin said he loved it!

Blaine - One of the pilots we know.

This shows you how they run and then have to tuck their feet in.


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