Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh the Joys of Boys

I got a call this morning and my computer is finally fixed. Yea!! Hopefully I'll have time tonight to get all my pictures off my camera because I have alot of blogging to catch up on for the kids blogs and mine. For now I'll share what Collin said yesterday morning while I was watering my plants.

Me: Collin don't touch the hose.
(Collin picks up the hose and brings it to me.)
Me: What part of "don't touch it" do you not understand?
Collin: The handle.

Hmmmm...I tell myself he's still tired and doesn't know what he was saying but this happens alot. He has selective hearing. He hears what he wants to hear or just doesn't hear at all. I wonder where he gets that from. (Eric) I've told him he can't play with the hose any more after he soaked the two neighbor girls. I specifically told him not to play with the hose last week. I went inside to chat with the girls parents and we return outside a few minutes later to wet children. I asked Collin why he was spraying the water after I told him not to and he replied, "Oh yeah, I forgot." Followed by an innocent smile. gotta love it.


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