Sunday, July 20, 2008

Atomic Days Weekend!

Atomic Days is usually the biggest weekend of the year in the little town of Arco, ID. We celebrate it every year by going to the parade, the park activities and BBQ, the rodeo, etc. For those of you that ask, "What is atomic days?" I'll tell you. On July 17,1955 the tiny bumpkin town of Arco was the first city in the world to be lit by atomic power. It was generated by a boiling water reactor and carried over the power lines. How cool is that? I live near the first city with atomic power!

The kids look forward to the parade every year. The kids scored more candy on the 4th though since there was less competition. The fire trucks sounded their engines at the beginning which spooked Carlee a bit. Once the candy started flying she was happy though (and had a mouthful!)


Next we took the kids over to the park to play and eat a BBQ made by the locals. They had soooo much fun playing and they didn't want to leave! They needed some sleep before the rodeo and it was a good thing we did because it was dark by the time we got out. I'm just really disappointed that my bull riding pics didn't work. They were blurry for some reason but my buckin' bronco pics turned out. Go figure, the ones I wanted the most were beyond blurry. I guess I've got to sit down and see how to work my new camera...

After the rodeo Collin asked me if he could be a bull rider. Ummm...maybe not Collin!

Carlee found a good spot under the park toys and stayed there almost the whole time!

Kaitlyn showing off her skills!

Carlee feeding a puppy her pine cone!

This weekend definitely wore me out. I almost fell asleep at church today because I was so tired. Play hard; hopefully sleep hard!


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