Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pretty Trees = Dirty Knees

Whew! The Jensen family has been busy!!
Friday night the kids and I started getting outside ready and cleaned up for our tree planting extravaganza. Unfortunately I had to clean up outside and the kids but their little dirty faces were so happy to help.
Saturday we worked from dawn to dusk. It was going to take us days to plant the 650+ trees my father-in-law ordered. Of course we picked the weekend we are having over 90 degree weather to work outside. Go figure. We planted about 259 blue spruce in two hours over at the farm. We were really booking those trees out! Of course it helps that we had a tractor with a post hole digger. Even little Carlee Ann helped plant the trees. She was too adorable as she would move from hole to hole filling in the dirt holes. I had to really work to keep up with her.

Blue Spruce rows at the farm.
The rest of the day we set to work digging holes, planting trees and starting drip lines over at our house. Busy, busy, busy. The next day was more of the same as we kept going and going and going. We worked really hard and I think I kind of overdid it. I started to feel really sick to my stomach. I told myself I'd take a break after I finished watering the rest of a line of pine. My legs felt like lead as I walked to my house. I plopped myself onto the couch. Shivers racked my body and Collin grabbed me a blanket and some water. It was downhill from there. I got really nauseated and my temperature soared. I was too stubborn to go to the hospital (I felt too filthy, stinky and ticked off that I had to stop working). Eric had to give me a cold bath to get my temperature down. I wasn't a good patient with all of my complaining! I did feel better though once I was cleaned up. My temp even dropped so I guess it was worth it. Thanks honey!

Trees and bushes on the right side of the house...

The back row...
On the left.
My devoted family continued working on the yard the beginning of this week. I am so blessed to have a family that risked the heat to help beautify our yard. Total count outside our house? Around 160 trees and bushes. Thank you so much guys for all your help. I know it's going to look beautiful in the years to come.
Trees in the field towards the riverbed.

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