Friday, July 18, 2008

Wall-E Fun!

  • Boy meets girl.
  • Boy falls head over heels for girl.
  • Girl tries to blast him into a million pieces.
  • Girl gives boy a second look.
  • Team up to save earth.
  • Girl falls head over heels for boy.

This was the premise for the movie Wall-E. Collin is insisting on a Wall-E Birthday party next week for his big number 5 so I thought we'd better take him to see the movie. I'm glad we did because it was such a cute movie! It did move a little slow at the beginning when Wall-E was all alone but I loved to see his determination and cunning despite his loneliness. Wall-E was such a good character. Simple, pure, persistent, and lovable. The graphics were amazing too. Pixar Studios you did it again! I think my little Carlee thought parts of the movie were sad because she was gripping to me like nothing else! Anytime she hears mellow sad sounding music she needs lots of snuggles. The kids enjoyed it and Collin can't wait for his birthday!


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