Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pebble Creek Ski Trip

Thursday night we took Mr. Wayne skiing for the very first time. It was free ski night sponsored by Jim at Diagnostic Imaging (the ultrasound tech that travels to our hospital). Every year he reserves the hill for a night so the employees of local hospitals and clinics can join together for some fun. We got free ski lift passes, free hot dogs and chili, free hot chocolate and juice, and discounted ski rentals.
Collin had all kinds of trepidations before we even hit the slopes. He was NOT going to go down a steep hill. He was NOT going to go on the chair lift. He was NOT going to go fast. Boy did that change once we got there! The man teaching Collin to ski (whom we think was Jim's son) had to keep telling Collin to slow down! He did an excellent job teaching Collin to snow plow and Collin said he had a blast. He even went on the chair lift twice. He told me later that it was scary. It was to me too but I didn't tell him that!

I wasn't sure how my body was going to react to skiing. This is my first time trying since I was diagnosed with lupus. I must say the cold sure did not agree with me! I felt too stiff to move so trying to maneuver down the slopes was a nightmare. Oh well, it was definitely worth the pain to see Collin having so much fun. I wouldn't have missed it for the world! Now daddy wants to take Collin back sometime during the day. Maybe if it's not so cold I could go too even if it's just to take pics!


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