Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Wee Bit Frosty

Thursday morning as I was headed to work I couldn't help but make a U-turn to go grab my camera. I then proceeded to stand out in 1 degree above 0 weather with a smile on my face. Crazy yes, but I promised myself the next time we got a frost that I would drive around and enjoy the beauty that freezing temps can bring to nature. I really enjoy driving under the trees pictured above to drop the kids off at granny's house. During the winter they provide a beautiful frosty canopy and during the summer they provide welcoming shade.

Even the clouds were beautiful that morning!

This is my favorite shot. I love the shape of the tree's branches.

I also couldn't resist capturing a shot of the Number Hill in Arco.
I usually have such bad tunnel vision when I drive that I miss the beauty around me. It felt wonderful to take my time a little and really see what I normally speed by. You can find beauty in anything if you take the time to look.


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Holly said...

Cool pictures! I always love Number Hill. Whenever we'd go to Arco, we'd always look for the oldest numbers, and my mom would tell us about climbing up to white wash the B when she taught at the high school!