Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Strawberry Diaper Cake

I have always wanted to try and make a diaper cake. They are so cute and so fun! My friend Josie from work is having twin baby girls next month so this was the perfect opportunity to try to whip one up.

Materials I used:
2 58 packs of Luvs size 1 diapers
2 Strawberry cuddly blankets
2 Strawberry nightgowns and hats
4 washcloths
2 bears
4 Dr. Brown's bottles
2 onsies
5 Felt Strawberries
Curling Ribbon
Pink Tulle Ribbon
Wrapping Paper
2 Cardboard boxes
Hot glue gun
Straight pins

Where I got stuff from:
This website has adorable sleep gowns at discounted prices. They have coordinating hats and blankets. Too cute! I also found some funny sayings onsies. Everyone loved them.
Type in a search for felt food. So many cute cute items! I did a search for felt strawberries and found the adorable fruit seen on the cake.
The dollar store: I found the cute bears, washcloths and ribbon here. Just can't beat a dollar!
Walmart: I admit it. I'm a Walmart shopper. It's always our last stop when we go to town. I got all the diapers there. I've also seen Dr. Brown's bottles there although this time I picked 'em up at Toys R' Us to make sure I got what I wanted. Our Walmart doesn't always carry them. They were THE best bottles for my kids. They sucked in a lot less air so they didn't spit up as bad. When I gave them milk from the other bottles they just spit it all back up.
Home: I had everything else already although I had to borrow pins from mom. Thanks mom!

To make the base you need the bottom of one medium size cardboard box. Start by folding some wrapping paper down the sides of the box.

Fold the paper down on the ends and secure with tape.

Your base is complete!

Take out half a package of diapers.

Start layering 1/3 of diapers in a circle.

Secure with a ribbon.

Wrap more diapers around first layer.

Secure with another ribbon.

Repeat with remaining diapers and secure. You might not have to use as many steps as I did but I couldn't get my hands to hold onto that many diapers at once!

One layer down, three to go!

Stack two layers together.

Wrap blanket around both layers and secure with pins.

Cut out a circle to fit top of layered diapers. Notice how I used the box the nightgowns came in? It's all about recycling and using what you've got!

Wrap paper around circle and secure with tape. You'll need two more of these.

Place on top and pull blanket around sides of circle.

Repeat with the next package of diapers and blanket.

To make the cake topper start by hot gluing three bottles to the top circle. Don't worry the glue comes off easily.

Tie a simple cute bow around the bottles.

Now the fun part! Dress up your bears in cute sleeper gowns and hats. I pinned a strawberry in one hand of each bear and then pinned them onto the circle. Glue remaining bottle in the front in between them.
Pin another strawberry on back by the bottles.

Pin remaining strawberries by the bottle in front.

How cute are they?

I used four washcloths to make rose accents at the bottom. (Quick tutorial on next post.)

I folded up the onsies and pinned them on the corners of the back of the cake base.

This one was my favorite!

And there you have it!

So much fun to make!

Just keep it out of reach of the kids in the party. One little girl kept pinching one of the bears noses. Before we knew it she threw out her arms and tried to take off with the whole top layer. It was too cute.
Josie just loved it and it was a big hit at the party. I can't wait to make another one!


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Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Gorgeous!!! You are so creative and talented. I think I will copy this project at the next chance I get to throw someone a baby shower. Mine will probably not turn out as pretty but it's worth the try. Yours turned out so adorable.

e diaper cake said...

Your diaper cake is adorable! I've never seen anything like it!