Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine Dinner

Over at the Jensen household we made a frugal Valentine dinner.
I made a heart shaped pizza with heart shaped pepperoni's.
I bought some simple Valentine props like paper doilies,
heart plates, and plastic wine goblets to build up the
atmosphere. It all came from the $ store. Then we used
leftover baby shower napkins. Hey, they were pink!

I think the kids thought I was a little bit nuts when

I suggested we eat in the dining room. We hardly ever

eat in there!

Collin showed Carlee how to cool off her pizza...
...and his own unique way of eating it.

Thankfully she didn't follow his example!

Or this example!

The kids loved drinking out of these cups. Cheers!
It was yummy 7-Up with maraschino cherry juice
plus two maraschino cherries in the bottom.

Carlee kept on dipping her cherries and sucking off
the pop. After what seemed like hours of this I took
it away. I know, I'm a mean mom!

To make up for her stolen drink I did let her blow
out a candle. That got her mind off it right away.

I think this smile speaks volumes of how
much fun we had. It was nice just being
together and acting a bit silly.
Hope you had a happy Valentine's day!!
Check out my food blog for pics of my V-Day
cookie bouquets and more fun!!


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