Sunday, February 1, 2009

Spa Baby

Our spa themed baby shower for my friend Julie is finally over! I think I'm getting too old to throw parties. I am so worn out from all the prep work that went into this! Most of the work was in making homemade invitations (they were shaped like sleep masks to go with the theme) and making spa books with recipes of treatments that you can make at home. Talk about a ton of cutting and pasting!
I also had to spend a tremendous amount of time cleaning and getting my house back to normal from the Christmas holidays. Procrastinator!! I still had all my Christmas decorations piled up in one of the bedrooms that I had to haul to the basement. Then I had to put back all my normal knick knacks. Phew! That was a job.
The food for the party turned out so yummy! We had chicken cream puffs, meat and cheese trays, and fresh veggies and fruit. We wanted to keep the food "spa" like and healthy.

Of course that didn't stop us from bringing on the dessert though! My mom made delicious pink lemonade cupcakes and my mother in law Tina made butterscotch and pistachio layered pudding and cream cheese desserts. I forgot to take a picture of those but they were really good.

Everyone loved the food and went back for seconds!

After a couple baby shower games we moved onto our spa theme. Tina did a really nice presentation of relaxation techniques that made most of the ladies want to fall asleep right then and there. She also found some wonderful videos on YouTube that show you meditation relief and relaxation techniques. Here are some links if you're interested:

Then we moved onto making bath salts. I was too busy hosting to take any pics but everyone had a lot of fun smelling the different essential oils and mixing colors. We used just a simple recipe using Epsom salts and Collin had to make some too. His favorite color is orange so he had to use orange oil and also color his orange. He begged me all that night and the next day to take a bath with them. I finally let him use them tonight and he said he could hardly even smell 'em. Eric and I sure could though. It smelled so wonderful that I wanted to jump in too!

We ended the party with presents. Julie's daughter Lyndsey and another little helper handed her presents to open.

The party was worth all the stress and work when I saw Julie enjoy herself. She has been such a good friend to me since she moved down my lane. She is sooo ready to get her baby girl into this world and be done with the whole pregnancy thing. We joked that she couldn't go into labor until after the baby shower so now we're just waiting on her. She's not due until the 10th but she looks ready now.

I had fun getting in some girly time but now I'm really ready for a long soak with some homemade bath recipes! I'll post some of the recipes on the next post.


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Mandy Lin said...


The party looks amazing! I am sure it was a big hit. Great job!!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Wow! Looks like you can throw an awesome party! No wonder you are worn out, everything looks perfect. I wish I knew you and was your neighbor back when I was still having babies and needing baby showers :-)