Monday, April 20, 2009

Cheese please!

I just love cheesy movies! I don't know why. It's a sickness really. I am just uncontrollably drawn to sappy romantic stories where the ending is neatly gift wrapped with unrealistic perfection. My hubby gets mad that I even watch romance movies saying, "Men aren't like that in real life." Of course his idea of romance is, "Hey baby, what are you wearing?" (Oh the hubby is gonna kill me for that one!) He does have his days though! Luv you!

Now, picture if you will a woman snuggled in a blanket watching a romance grow on the screen while devouring ice cream and M&M's. Oh yeah, that's contentment. Or at least it would be if my family would leave me alone for a two hour stretch! My guess is that it's not going to happen any time soon. Sigh.

Did I mention that I HAVE to watch any kind of Cinderella movie remake? It's just a must. My ultimate favorite could recite the whole movie is "Ever After" starring Drew Barrymore. She really did a fantastic acting job in that movie. There are so many more Cinderella remakes I could list. I'll bet I've watched every one out there. Well, at least the ones I've heard of!

This weekend I caught the movie "My Fake Fiance" on the ABC family movie channel. It's not really a Cinderella story but it was cheesylicious! It was kind of a new twist on the movie "Can't Buy Me Love". The girl needs to furnish her apartment, the boy needs cash, so they stage a fake wedding just to haul in the green. Obviously they fall in love with each other on the way. It couldn't be a cheesy romance without that!

So just gimme a wacky, cornball, sappy, overly dramatic, cheesy movie any day. I love it!

Answer me this: Are cheesy movies super fantastic or do I need to see a doctor to try to rid me of cheesyitis?


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