Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Update

The boys have been bus-y
in our garage.

Eric and Larry worked hard building
forms for the new concrete steps.

It went from this
old creaky thing: this!
Lots better right?
Thanks guys!
You did awesome!

Little Carlee didn't mind
getting down and dirty
while the boys worked.

Of course the kids had to find some
mud. It's always a kid magnet.

Collin has been practicing his
aim with his Red Ryder BB gun.
(With daddy's supervision!)
He's getting pretty good but he
gets easily frustrated if he misses.

(My favorites out of the bunch.)

Carlee attended a princess party for
the very first time. I had to make her
own eggless cookies for the party and
everyone loved them.
I should have brought more
though because there wasn't enough
to pass around. Oopsi!

Here's Carlee practicing her poise.

It was so much fun to have some
mommy daughter time together.
I'll post the rest of her pics on her
blog when I get the time.

Not much happened this week.
Carlee has been sick every day!
She missed the whole week of
school. Poor little thing...
I'm just hoping for a better week
coming up.


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Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Your daughter looks so cute in her princess costume! A princess party---what a great idea. I wished I thought of that when my daughter was that age.