Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Thursday Afternoon

Look at what my wonderful
mother in law Tina made for me!
Isn't it cute?
Ever since she brought it to my
office everyone has been salivating
over it. Thanks Tina!! I'm glad I
entered your contest. For those
that entered mine: be patient.
I'm still working out the
details. :)
We had no babysitter on
Thursday so the kids hung out
at my office. Collin kept coming
and pretending to eat my
candy. No way Collin.
It's all MINE!!

What a goofy boy!

At first I wasn't sure how
I would handle the afternoon.
They were monsters for the
first two hours. I wanted
to SCREAM!! They kept
going back and forth between
my office and the waiting
room and were so

The next couple went by much
better. I claimed they were mine
during that time.
Okay, I guess it was
kinda fun having them around.
They are just so precious!

Carlee was acting silly in the
waiting room. She was
watching a movie on my
DVD player and watching
cartoons on the TV at the
same time.

And of course they had to
have popcorn. What's a movie
without it? Thanks for a
(mostly) fun afternoon kids.
Love you!


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Holly said...

Cute treats! And you're brave to take your kids to work with you! Happy Easter.