Saturday, May 24, 2008

Campin' In

Our Memorial Day Weekend started out with clouds and threatened rain. Collin and I wanted to camp outside but since I didn't want to get all wet we settled for a "camp-in" instead. Collin thought I was crazy for wanting to build a tent indoors but he quickly got into the idea.

Our night started out with microwave smores. Carlee and I had ours ate before Collin even finished dinner. (It's so hard to get him to eat!)

Carlee wasn't too sure of what to think about her smore at first. She kind of got mad at me when I heated it up. Once she tasted it though she loved it!

After a quick Carlee bath we had some living room wrestling. Collin loves to wrap himself up in the blanket and pretend he's a blanket monster. He was more like the "toot" monster that night much to Carlee's amusement.

Wrestling the baby!

We built our so called tent by hanging sheets around Collin's bunkbed.

Then we crawled inside to read stories by flashlight and play shadow games. We had alot of fun and Collin asked me when we can do it again!

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Brenden & Lorie Taylor Family said...

What a wonderful rained on us all weekend! Your kids are so cute! I hope you and your family are doing well. Someday I would love to check out your new house....I only went in it when it was being built.