Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fun by the Greenbelt

This morning my mom and I took the kids over to the Greenbelt in Idaho Falls. Collin and Carlee love animals so I knew they would enjoy it. It was a beautiful sunny day. It was even absent of the typical Idaho winds. We stopped by McDonalds, spread out a blanket and had fun. (The kids were a little too distracted to do any real eating though.) The only bad part was by the time we were ready to go our shoes were covered in poop. Gross. Oh well, it was fun being outside enjoying the long awaited summer weather.

Me, Carlee, and Collin

Cute Collin

Carlee got upset when a goose took her whole piece of bread!

Adorable Carlee

I don't know why Collin wanted the geese to nibble his fingers. I wouldn't imagine it would feel good!

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