Friday, May 23, 2008

Finally...A night out!

I went to work yesterday morning excited because I would be getting off early for a long overdue date night. Unfortunately when I got to work and told my co-worker Josie that I was going to try to leave by 1:00 she told me that she had to cover the Mackay clinic so she wouldn't be able to watch the phone. Strike 1. So I thought, no problem. My boss Tresa could watch my office for me. Josie then informed me that Tresa would have to cover the ER because they were shorthanded there. Strike 2. The other girl that covers the front for me was gone too. Strike 3. Out of options I called my disappointed hubby and told him we'd probably have to go another day. It's my fault for not tracking down my boss yesterday to ask for the afternoon off but I came to find out that she was stuck in the ER yesterday too and that's why I couldn't find her.

So, disappointed I got to work and tried to forget the fun we would have had. A little before 2:00 my boss found me and asked if Josie had deserted me. Apparently she forgot that Josie would be working in the Mackay clinic too. I casually mentioned that I wished she was here so I could leave and told her my plans. She said, "Go! We all have lives to lead. Just lock up and go." How cool is my boss! I called Eric and told him we're going after all. On the way there I heard the DJ on the radio ask for caller 10. I thought they were talking about the Las Vegas vacation getaway so I told Eric to call the station. He ended up being caller number 10 but since neither one of us was really listening to what the prize was it ended up being for a free haircut. Oh well, what's free is free.

We also stopped by Farr's jewelry before the movie. I wanted to know how much for sure that I had to save for a camera since I've been wanting a new camera for a long time. When we got there the salesman told us that the camera we were wanting was $250 off right now with both lenses so I ended up walking out of the store with a new camera! Thank goodness we'll be getting our stimulus money next month.

I'm really surprised that I convinced Eric to go to the movie on opening day. I told him most people would probably go on the weekend. I was right and we got our favorite seats with no problem. (Sorry mom it will probably be packed when you go on Saturday!) The movie was awesome. It was really funny too. I'm a big Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones fan so I knew I would love it no matter what. Shia LeBeouff was really good in this film and I can see that he would make a great new Indiana Jones if that's what they are looking towards in future Indy flicks. There were some cheesy lines and unbelievable sequences but hey, if Indiana was a real person he probably would have been dead in the first movie. I know its a movie we'll want for our collection!

Sorry we didn't take you Collin, but the graveyard scene would have scared you too much!

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Rhonda said...

It probably will be packed, but I already have my tickets!

Lucky duck on getting your cameras!! I loved playing with the Coolpix!!! I'll post pics and a video on my blog soon.