Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dirty Kids

Well, since we don't have grass yet I expect many more days of dirty kids. They had so much fun the other day digging and filling up the trucks with dirt.

Carlee kept filtering the dirt through her fingers and piling it on her pants. Then she'd wipe it off and pile more on top of her. Her poor britches were so dirty! They also kept on falling down.

Her little crack was showing through and Collin thought it was very hilarious. He is such a knucklehead. He kept saying, "Take a picture of her crack! Send it to grandma. I wonder if Aunt Mandy likes butt pictures! You have to send it to her too." Then he wanted me to take a picture of his bum. Luckily no crack was showing there!

Collin went and hid in the garage after his butt pic.

Shovel buddies.

Load 'em up!

Carlee started throwing dirt onto the driveway and sweeping it off with her weed. I'm glad it doesn't take much to entertain them!

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Mandy Lin said...


I love pictures of your face. It is so handsome!!!