Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Way Belated Mother's Day Post

I had to tease my husband Eric the other day when he stopped by my office. My boss had a basket of flowers sitting up front from her husband for their anniversary. I said, "See, her husband gets her flowers." Eric said that those wouldn't last whereas the flowers he got me for mother's day will last all summer. He did have a point there. The flowers he got me are beautiful. He even went back and got planters for them to sit in. My black thumb has been improving so I know I'll keep these looking good all summer. If only the rest of the outside of my house looked good!

Collin with my mothers day flowers

This mother's day was fun. Collin woke up and said, "Mommy, come and see what me and Carlee got you for mothers day!" He led me to the garage where the flowers were hiding. He was so excited for me to see them. Later that day my mom, two of my brothers, my sister-in-law and their son Alec came over. My brother Mark brought his Wii for the kids to play. It was hilarious watching them box and play the other sports games against each other. We celebrated Alec's birthday that same day because he turned 5 on the 12th. He's really into squids right now so my mom made him an adorable squid cake. Very yummy!

Alec with his cake
I am very grateful to be a mom. I can't imagine my life without my two sweet children. I hope my health will stabilize so that I'll be blessed with another child, but we'll see. If not I'll be just as grateful for the kids I've got and for my nephew (and future nieces and nephews??).

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