Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fun at Pass Creek

This Saturday the kids and I headed to Pass Creek in Leslie for a little fun. I'm always up for free entertainment and there is nothing more free than exploring the great outdoors. On the way there Collin said, "This is so exciting. I can't wait to throw rocks!"

Collin and Carlee

Collin playing with a big stick he found.

Darling Carlee exploring the mountainside.

Whenever we saw a cave I asked Collin if he wanted to climb up and explore it. He would say, "No way! There might be a bear inside!"

Collin found a small worm that he thought was so cute. He found a baby one too. When he showed it to Carlee she just tried to squish it.

Climbing the hillside. Carlee wanted to follow him but couldn't make it very far up the mountian.

Carlee loved to sit by the edge and throw rocks. She made mommy really nervous though when she would stand too close to the water. I had to hold onto her coat alot just to ease my mind.

Collin tried to find flat rocks to skip but there weren't very many.

He found lots of big ones to throw though and ended up splashing Carlee and I many times.

I saw this ant hill over where Collin was walking. I pointed to it and told Collin to stay away from it. He would look in the opposite direction and say, "Where is it?" I kept telling him to look at me and where I was pointing but he was being stubborn and only looking one direction. Finally when he came by me he saw it. Knucklehead.

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Brenden & Lorie Taylor Family said...

i'm so glad your a blogger and by the looks of it, a very good one! wouldn't it be great if all our family was doing it so we can keep in touch...