Thursday, May 1, 2008

Little Miss Kaitlyn Weekend

This past weekend we were lucky to have our cousin Kaitlyn stay the weekend with us. I heard on the radio that Yellowstone Bear World was having a half-off special and all the rides were free so I thought this would be the perfect time to go. (And the only way we could afford to go!) I convinced Eric and my mom that we needed to take the kids. Poor mom just got home the previous day from Arizona so she was probably sick of driving! We packed up the kids and took off on our adventure. They were so excited, especially as we got closer. Finally we arrived and started driving through the animal tour. The first thing we saw was the ducks. Carlee was laughing and pointing, trying to tell us how much she liked them. Then we saw elk, a lone white wolf, white elk, grizzly bears and black bears. I think the grizzlies were the biggest hit for us.

Once the tour was over we had to go see the baby bears. They were soooo cute! I wanted to hold one but they'll charge you an arm and a leg for that. Next the kids wanted to go try out the rides. There weren't really that many kids so they didn't have to wait much in line. (Especially good for Carlee who has no patience for lines.) The last thing we did was visit the petting zoo. Carlee had the best time with the chickens. She didn't care too much for the rest of the critters but she wanted to chase those chickens around forever. I'm glad the kids were able to have fun and enjoy some time seeing the local wildlife. Even Eric's complaining about how it wasn't worth the money and how Carlee looked like "white trash" in her too short pink pants didn't burden our fun. I doubt we'll go back again this year but to me it was worth going to just to see how much fun the kids had.

Carlee watching the black bears. * Snoozy Snoozy

Katie-Kate and Collin with a baby deer. * Carlee petting another chicken.

The kids on the train. * Collin posing by the entrance.
After we were done at bear world we took our picnic lunch over to the greenbelt in Idaho Falls. The kids threw all the crusts off our sandwiches to the ducks and seagulls. The wind was cold, the grass was full of poop, and Carlee was tired, but we had fun!

Collin and Kaitlyn throwing bread. * Carlee grabbed the whole container of chips. She is obsessed with Pringles. She even tried to grab one off the ground that fell on a steaming pile of you know what. The bad thing is that another little boy had the same idea as Carlee and picked it up and took a bite. EEEEEWWWW!

Hanging out on the rocks. * Brrrr...

Our squirrel friend who ate our crumbs. * Cute Kaitlyn by the water.

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Holly said...

Fun! We have always wanted to go to Bear World but we end up in Rexburg in the off season. It's good to know it was so fun.

Jen said...

I love this window into your lives. You have a beautiful little family.

Cute & Sweet said...

Cute blog and beautiful family! Love the dragonfly clip in Carlee's hair! ;)