Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camping: Day Two

Day two consisted of more water fun. Collin, Gunner, Grandma Lynn and I headed to the docks while Eric was out golfing. (They had a course only three miles away) They shot each other with water while I shot thier pics!

I'm gonna get you!
Cute little Gunner.

I think she got more than she bargained for...
Cole showed us all how to wake board and he went around the lake about 10 times. He did awesome!

Cole and Collin

Ahhh, it's cold!
Silly Collin

The boys on the tube
Eric decided to try wakeboarding. He wasn't very successful though. Sorry honey. It's actually really hard to get up on that board. He said his hands and forearms were sore from his attempts.
Here we go!
Almost up!!

Oh, and down hard...
Collin got tired of waiting for daddy to get up on the board and he fell asleep.
See the drool?

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