Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quick trip to Silliness

On Monday little Carlee had two appointments in Idaho Falls. This is never a good thing...She's usually cranky when we go to town. Lucky for us she was great that day. The last time we went to her dermatologist she cried the entire time and nothing (not even a sucker) would calm her down. She'd cry if the doctor even looked her direction. The poor dear was hurting with all her itchy skin and cuts from her fingernails. I'd be cranky too. Thankfully she was an angel this time.
After her appointments Eric wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse. I didn't care that it was more expensive. I couldn't stomach another McDonald's burger. Eric kept saying to Collin, "Are you ready to try some of their world famous steak?" Collin liked it but Carlee mostly filled up on rolls and fries. Not that I blame her. The rolls are de-lish and I mostly filled up on them too!
I'm glad that the music was loud in the restaurant because my kids are loud. Carlee scared the guys sitting on the next table when she stood up and screamed over their booth. They were probably glad when we left!

Double-Trouble Duo

Sweet Miss Carlee

By the time we got to Walmart I was exhausted. Carlee and I waited in the car but at least when I'm with her I'm never bored! She is always acting silly! Check out her silliness below:

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