Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camping: Day One

Whenever Eric's friend Paxton comes home from Texas for a visit we always end up at his family reunion. His family kind of adopted us. They told us to come to the reunion even the years that Paxton and his fiance Deb don't come home. They treat us like family, teasing and all. "Grandpa" even told me to sit on his knee and he'd treat me like his own. They are a hilarious bunch and so much fun to be around.
Soon after we got done setting up camp Paxton's brother brought out the slip 'n slide for the kids. I sat down with the other members of the family and watched the kids have fun.

Collin and Gunner were instantly best buds. They are only a year and a half apart.

The campsite had a fun little playground that the kids (and sometimes me!) played on.
Collin and daddy
One of the family members had a speed boat so alot of our entertainment was out on the lake. We were also entertained by the people unloading their boats. There were some pretty funny characters (mostly rednecks).
Collin loved watching the kids knee board. He kept waiting for them to crash and thought it was so funny. He was a little bit apprehensive to swim with the other kids but once he saw how much fun they were having he joined in the fun. He spent hours in and out of the water. He swam, splashed, chased around with squirt guns, and laughed as the waves hit his legs. It was intoxicating just watching how happy he was. I knew Carlee would have had the time of her life in the water but with her eczema I also knew it would have made her itch to death living three days in lake water.

This boy swears that he had fun although his face showed otherwise during his entire ride.
At least she smiled!

Deb and Collin

Paxton and his boy Gunner are on the left.

Tubing time! This was Collin's first time being pulled by a boat.

Collin looked a little scared during parts of the ride but overall he loved it!

You can see that tube went flat during their ride. Eric said he had a hard time staying on when it started losing air!

Squirt guns on the dock. What a fun day!

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