Friday, June 6, 2008

Mary had a little lamb...or 10 to 20.

When I pulled up to my house yesterday I was greeted by a herd of shaved sheep. They are constantly getting out of the fence across the road. I've never seen them in my backyard though!

It makes me kind of glad that I didn't start a garden or I'm afraid it would have been sampled or trampled! I guess this is the ups and downs of living in a farming community. Of course maybe when we get grass we could just usher them over to cut it down for us!

Eric chased them away on the motorbike for the fourth time that day. Carlee had to go for a ride and she can't keep that thumb out of her mouth even when she is riding!

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Anne Bradshaw said...

You're right, they do sample and trample :-) We had deer in our yard this winter, and they ate as far up the young evergreen tree as they could reach. Now we have a tree with a poodle cut!

Nice to meet you. By the way, if you enjoy YA Fantasy, I have a contest running at the moment on my blog. The prize is a give-away copy of "Farworld," the super new novel by J. Scott Savage, out this September. Worth taking a peek.