Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camping: Day Three

The whole time we were camping someone had the brilliant idea that whenever one of the kids would clean up trash, put wood on the fire, or any other errand without being asked they would get a ticket put into a prize bucket with thier name on it. At the end of the night they would draw out four names and those lucky ones would each get to pick out a prize. Genius I tell you. We had more little helpers than I've ever seen. The last day they decided to draw early so Collin would get a prize. Collin's name was called and he raced over and grabbed the bubble gun.

There's a new sheriff in town...
The silly boys.
Ahhh, he's gonna squirt me!

I took full advantage of my last day. Eric took off golfing again so I got Collin dressed in his swim clothes and life jacket. Then I packed my chair, drinks, a new book and an umbrella down to the dock. I let Collin do his thing and I did mine. I sat down to read on the gently swaying dock and felt completely at peace. I had the best time! I didn't even feel guilty of leaving Carlee at home at that moment (okay maybe a little). I just relaxed and enjoyed myself.
Collin was a little accident prone that last day. First he fell out of his bed so we found his sleeping bag on the floor of the camper. I must have been really tired because I didn't hear him fall! Then Gunner accidently hit Collin's chin with a rock. Then Collin hit his shin hard on the steps at home. Finally he hurt himself getting out of the pickup at grandma's house. Oh boy... at least Collin said he had such a good time that he already wants to go back!


Collin was exhausted on the ride home as you can see!

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Brenden & Lorie Taylor Family said...

That look's like so much fun. I need a vacation!! Collin looks just lik Eric, you probably get that a lot.