Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bring on the Sweetness!! mouth is watering already in anticipation of Halloween treats! It's great to have kids that are trick or treating age to go out and score some free candy. Especially since they are so willing to share with me! That's terrible I know.
As a youngster I remember crossing my fingers before we rang door bells hoping for tons of chocolate bars and sweets. I was NOT impressed with lame small hard candies or anything non-sugary. My face soured when we came across the house giving out raisins or toothbrushes. There is a time and place for toothbrushes but not in my goodie bag! Now that I'm a mom I can appreciate adults efforts to give out healthier snacks. I can appreciate it but remembering my youth I still have to give each child that comes to my door a handful of sweets. I can't help it!
Here are some pics of my favorite loot since I've got a MAJOR sweet tooth right now.

Twizzlers and Skittles
are delish but
bring on the chocolate!

Mouth watering yet??

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Last but not least...
My favorite...
Hershey's Miniatures! I usually get ALL of the special dark (unless mom is around) since I'm the only one that likes them in my family. Yum, they are all
Happy Trick or Treating Everyone!
What's your favorite Halloween candy?


2 of you hit me up with a comment.:

Rhonda said...

Holy cow, girl!! You majorly need some sugar!!! OR NOT!!!!! heehee You take after me so much!!! Sorry!!!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Halloween is only once a year, right? We can focus on healthy stuff and toothbrushes 364 other days of the year. I'm the house that gave away Reeses peanut butter cups and KitKat this year. I was Miss Popular on our street:-)