Monday, October 6, 2008

It's a Kitty Birthday!

Princess Carlee has finally turned three! She absolutely loves kitties (too bad she's allergic!) so we decided to give her a kitty birthday.
We started off the morning with kitty pancakes.

When she saw them she acted like she was being shy. She even hid her face under the counter.

Eventually she started eating them but only after her "princess" side kicked in. Her royal highness had to be fed the first few bites.

The Brewer's came over that afternoon to surprise her with an adorable stuffed tiger. He even roars when you squeeze his paw which made her jump the first time she heard it!

I wanted to make her favorites for dinner which of course had to consist of hot dogs and mac and cheese. I found a yummy corn dog recipe that we could make without eggs (which I'll post on my food blog). Little Miss Carlee couldn't wait for the corn dogs to cook though so she got away with eating a plain hot dog on a stick.

Grandma Christensen had to make her cake of course since she is the most talented cake decorator out of all of us. She made an applesauce cake (eggless of course) from scratch. It turned out sooooo good! Thanks mom!
I actually made the kitties out of fondant and gumpaste. They turned out okay for my first try...I think! Carlee loved them and that's all that matters.

She had fun blowing out her candles. Grandma Christensen just gave her the entire top layer of the cake as her piece!

She just wanted to eat the kitties and frosting though. Uh oh. She's turning out like her brother!

She loved her dollhouse we got her. Especially since she could make them go potty and take a bath.
She actually found out about this present before she was supposed to. The other kids were looking at it and left my bedroom door open so she wandered in and found it. We shushed her outta there but when Grandpa Jensen came over she grabbed his hand and made him take her back to see it. We decided to just let her have it early.
Grandma Brewer always brings the best gift. Who doesn't love balloons? (Plus she sneaks some cash into the balloon before it's blown up.)
Her cousin Metny gave her a cute cabbage patch doll with a brown horsie. Mom had fun playing with her hair. I'm a big kid, I know.

Collin gave her a stroller for her dollies and was rewarded with a hug.

Carlee didn't really want to open all her presents and retreated for snuggles with Grandma Brewer.

Playing with grandma Jensen and the dinosaur she got her.

Collin, Carlee and Kaitlyn
Granny and Gramps Christensen gave her a little people's learning town and she was so excited by all the noises it made. They played with it the entire next morning before school.
Thanks to my family for sharing her birthday with us. The best present was your company and love!

Grandpa Jensen giving rides to the kids...

...and to the dolls?


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