Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's my Blog & I'll Cry if I Want to...

Carlee in one of her new school outfits.


It is almost here...I've had the final meeting with Carlee's new preschool teacher. Only a couple more days and my sweetie will be a school girl. The ONLY thing that has been helping me get ready for this transition is buying my baby new adorable school clothes. Hurts the checkbook but helps me get a tiny bit excited. I even had to buy her princess gluesticks. Probably overboard but oh well! Now I just need to get her some new shoes and I think she'll be set. (Uh oh, me in a shoe store is NOT a good idea!)

I've had a little trepidation for her because of her food allergies and eczema. The teacher assured me they would do everything they can for her including smoothing her down with vaseline during the day to keep her skin moist. They are also going to pull her out for speech therapy during the class snacktime. That way my baby can eat a snack that won't make her breakout and she won't be tempted to sneak any of the other kids food. They'll even work on potty training which is awesome. I hope once she sees all the other little girls using the potty it will encourage her to do the same.

I just can't believe that she'll be in school. She's still too little! I just hope I don't breakdown when I take her to school on Monday. :(


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Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

This is such a tender moment in your life...letting go of that precious little princess just a little bit. I'm excited for you and for her!
New clothes and shoes. Lucky girl. I wish I'm starting pre school, too :-)
Oh, and I remember you did mention on your comment your girl has allergies. Well, it looks like you've done the right thing, making sure the school knows and working with them. Maybe she's too young but my doctor has me taking allergy pills everyday just in case I ingest something I don't know has product I'm allergic to. Sort of a pre-emptive thing. But she's still young and still changing so maybe right now it's best to just watch her and work with the school. Sounds like they're very helpful.