Sunday, October 5, 2008

Up Pass Creek Without a Paddle

Saturday morning we decided to take a quick trip up to Pass Creek to see the fall colors. Carlee was just itching to get outside anyways. I thought at least she should get outside and be in nature instead of playing in our yard full of dirt.

It was a little bit gloomy and we forgot our umbrellas. I was just hoping we didn't get rained out again! The last time the kids and I were up here we raced to the car before the rain started dumping on us.

It was a beautiful drive through the canyon. I just love seeing nature change and different colors emerge!

Carlee was having a blast!

We stopped at the creek below swinging tree and took a few pictures with the vibrant yellow leaves.

Collin wouldn't put down the cup he found. He was tossing it into the creek and watching it float down. When it got stuck he grabbed it and started over again.

Eric and Collin

Collin up towards swinging tree.

Gotta love that water!

Carlee's favorite toy in the wilderness is a stick of course!

What a fake smile Collin!

Collin spotted this chipmunk so I had to take his picture. I almost didn't see him since he was so small.

I started taking a few pictures outside of the mountains on the way home when Eric spotted antelope. They were running out on the road in front of us. I wish we were closer.
Carlee on the ride home. Again with the thumb!

Collin was exhausted. At least he had fun! We only got a little sprinkled on too so it was a fun adventure.


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