Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Haunted Pirate Ship Carnival

Booooo!! It was carnival night on Saturday!
I was a major witch that night...
Well, dressed like one anyways...

What is adorable Dorothy doing fighting with a ninja??
I was in charge of the ghostly ring toss game
for the first half of the carnival.
It was actually a hard game. To win you
had to hook two rings over the ghosts
out of six tries.
I finally got a winner after about 20
disappointed kids. The winners received a
2-Liter Soda Pop. Talk about
filling up your treat bag!

Collin and Carlee helped me for awhile
gathering the rings.
They really needed bumpers for when
the rings started rolling under the
desks. I had to bend down and crawl
to retrieve them. Not a pretty sight in
a witch dress! I heard a rip at one point...

Collin aced the football throw!
But his favorite was Walk the Plank.

Probably because it was in his classroom!

Carlee loved the games where she could dig.

I had a hard time getting her away!!

Thankfully grandma and grandpa helped
keep track of my little monsters.
We had alot of fun and now
we can't wait for Halloween!!


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Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

How fun! The kids look adorable. You're not too shabby yourself Witch-woman. Love the costume :-)