Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm Peeved...

Just because I want to vent a little here are my top ten pet peeves:

10. Booger nose pickers and eaters. Collin I'm looking at you!

9. People that judge you by your exterior.

8. People that call my work asking to update information but can't pronounce ANY name right including mine.

7. The word "bidonkidonk".

6. Fox news bantering.

5. People that say, "You don't look so good. Are you sick?" No, but thanks for the compliment.

4. Telemarketers!! 'Nuff said.

3. People that never use blinkers. Is it really that hard?

2. When the kids or the hubby don't listen!! Or they just pretend to listen.

1. People whom insist on banging on a public bathroom door when the door is locked. If the door is locked obviously someone is inside. And then they call out, "Hello! Anybody in there!" What are you supposed to say? "Uh, duh. There's someone in here peeing."

Feel like venting too? List your top 10 on your blog!


2 of you hit me up with a comment.:

Holly said...

I pretty much agree with everything. I'd only add people who don't know how the 4-way stop or the roundabout work!!!!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

I agree with pretty much everything. #10 made me LOL! This is a good idea for a post. Maybe I'lls tart working on mine :-)