Monday, October 13, 2008

Harvest Fest 2008

On Saturday my mom and I packed up the kids and headed to the Harvest fest in Idaho Falls. They always have really yummy food, free games for the kids, harvest sales, contests and music. It was looking pretty dim as we were traveling over there because it was snowing...yuck!! I was just hoping it would stop long enough for the kids to have fun. Luckily when we got there it wasn't snowing as Collin headed to play games.Carlee didn't want to play anything and was getting mad that she wasn't getting her way. She wanted to run off with all the doggies that passed by us. Sigh. Repeat of last year when she wanted to run off and had no patience for lines. Maybe next year we'll just leave her home!

Collin was excited to get the free prizes and candy by playing all the games.

Little Miss Grumpy

Carlee went into the jump house for only a couple minutes before she started bawling and wanted out. Coincidentally we ran into Carlee's teacher and her daughter. I don't remember her daughter's name but she took ahold of Carlee and helped her jump. So cute.

Collin loved the tractor ride!
And the pony ride.
Carlee refused to go on any rides but had to pat the ponies head.

Collin had a quick turn in the jump house before it started snowing. We hightailed it out of there. Miss Carlee didn't mind. She loved the snow!

Their little faces were frozen by the time we ran back to mom's van. It was fun for a little while although I was disappointed I didn't even get to try any of the food. Ah, well. Next time!


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