Monday, October 6, 2008

My Baby is an Official Pre-Schooler!

Here she beautiful pre-schooler! I didn't cry. Not really. Okay so I did get a little teary getting her ready for school...and when I was driving her to school. She just looked so little back in her car seat. At least I didn't start boobing in front of everyone when I dropped her off. Once I saw how much fun she was having I think that lessened the tear ducts a little.

What a face!

She absolutely loved her backpack. She didn't want to take it off!

Now the little dear has to endure mama playing with her hair everyday. I would let her get away with her crazy flyaway hair on the days she didn't have to go anywhere but now those days are gone.

Collin gave her some hugs before we left although it looks more like a head-lock!

Collin was the perfect big brother taking her into the school.

He even held the door open for her.

He also let her sit by him in the lunchroom. He kept on telling everyone, "That's my sister!" It was so cute to see him so excited for her to be there with him. I hope that magic lasts because all they do at home is fight.
Alot of the little girls in the lunchroom were excited to see her and had to come tell her hi. Her teacher Mrs. Snyder said she did great on her first day. They just had trouble getting her to participate with the group. I already knew that would be a problem since she loves to do her own thing. I'm just hoping she will learn some patience. She doesn't like waiting to share or standing in lines. I think pre-school will be a good experience for her and help her get caught up to the other kids her age. It's just hard to let her go. :(


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