Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Parade

Wearing red, white, and blue? Check.
Flags? Check.
Buckets for candy? Check.
Camera? Check.
Ready for the parade? Double check!!

Every year my kids get super psyched for our humble local parade. Especially since they know they'll end up with a bucket full of candy!

Usually I would have to douse the kids from head to toe in sunscreen but it was overcast and on the chilly side. In fact, I was just hoping that it wouldn't rain! We were in luck though and the morning was rain-free.

Collin, Kaitlyn, and Carlee all posed with their flags. They were ready to wave them at the start of the parade.

Carlee was acting really silly as she waited for the fun to begin.

I actually remembered to get a pic of me in here since I'm usually just the one behind the lens.

We got our perfect parade spot which is by the school. See even the tree thought it was a good spot!

Let the candy grabbin' begin!

I'm ready! I'm ready!

Carlee thought the fire engine was too loud!

Here she is putting on a hat one of floats was handing out. Collin has since claimed it as his own because according to him, "Carlee already has a shady hat! It's not fair that she got another one and I don't have even one!"

Ahhh, the spoils!

It was so cute to watch them have a good time. We let 'em eat a few pieces of loot before heading to the park to check out the vendors and get a Snowie. Yep, more sugar on top of sugar. Hey, it was a holiday!


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