Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Collin!

Collin is so spoiled that he got two parties again this year! It's more work but he's worth it. I'm just posting the family party on this blog. The crazy kid party will be posted on his blog.

This year Collin wanted to have a Pokemon themed party. I really don't know how he started liking Pokemon so much in the first place. Anyways, he wanted grandma to make him a pokeball cake and this is what she came up with.


Isn't it cute! She made the pokeballs and lightning out of white chocolate and candy melts. Collin thought it was the coolest. Like my grandma Brewer said, "We're so lucky to have Rhonda in our family!" My mom is very talented.

Since the birthday boy gets to pick out what is served for dinner we made homemade pizza - one of his fav's. I should have taken pics of us making it. I was really scared to make the dough since I always ruin everything asking for yeast but it actually turned out great! Yippee!

Thanks fam for coming over and celebrating Collin's birthday with us. It meant a lot to us and to Collin. We even had all three of my brothers together again for one last time before Ryan left to go back to Florida and warmer temperatures. Yea for family get-togethers!

Love you Collin! Hope you had a memorable Pokemon birthday.


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Cherie said...

What boy would not love a cake like that and a Pokeman party!! So much fun and such a great theme!

Happy Birthday!!!!