Friday, July 24, 2009

Our hike out past Mackay.

Tell me what you think. Was this picture worth a four mile hike up and treacherously across the slippery hillsides? Worth crossing streams? Worth enduring stinging nettle plants scratching your legs and hands?

Well, in my opinion: Yes!! I love hiking though so any cool view up in the mountaintops is worth it. Being out in nature is so calming and peaceful. I've really got the hiking bug and can't wait to go again.

(Kaitlyn loved this tree.)

Larry, Tina, Eric, me, Collin, Carlee, Levi, Cher, my brother Ryan, my mom Rhonda, and Kaitlyn all trudged up the mountainside. I'm so glad that my mom went too although I don't know if she'll ever go hiking with us again! We thought it would be a simple quick hike but it took a lot longer than we were expecting, and it was a lot harder.Plus we got rained on for a bit. It was refreshing though!

The kids favorite activity is throwing rocks into the river to see the big SPLASH!

Not to be outdone here's Larry joining in the fun.

We saw these wires with lumber inside all throughout the hillside. Definitely an interesting way to get wood down the mountainside!

Pretty posing.

We all (I think...well, for the most part) had fun that day. Thanks Levi for suggesting the trip. SO much fun!


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Holly said...

Gorgeous area. That area by Mackey is just lovely.