Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Rock the Falls"

This past Saturday I finally got to go to a rock concert! Yea! I've been wanting to go to a concert forever! I don't have any friends that love rock 'n roll like I do so I never have anyone to go with. Lame! While my little concert lovin' bro Ryan was in town I decided to find us a concert to go to. Firehouse was playing in Sandy Downs, ID so I immediately bought three tickets. I remember listening to their CD when I was younger and singing along to their tunes on the radio. They were AWESOME performers. Loved it!

Eric was supposed to go with us but he bailed on me (sheesh) so I took my 12-yr old cousin Kaitlyn instead. It said right on the ticket that it was an all ages show but I don't really think that was true! I think she got more of an education than she was bargaining for. Oopsi!

The night started out with a local band named 2AM Logic. I was impressed with how good they were. I guess Idahoans really can rock! Unfortunately they shouted out a few "F" bombs and I started questioning if my sweet Kaitlyn should have come. The lead singer had a really fun personality though and he was making jokes to make the audience laugh. They even had an adorable woman playing on one of the guitars. She was the only other woman on stage besides the hostess.

We were about four people back from the stage; right in the "mosh pit". Just kidding Tauna if you are reading this! In the front row was this older man with long hair that kept head banging and doing the rock symbol with his hands. He also kept shouting, "Oh yeah! Are you gonna shred it! Whoo! Yeah!" and various other phrases that kept cracking me up. He had two curly haired short women next to him so when they all started head banging all you saw was hair. HIL-arious! I really should have taken a picture of them. In fact, I can't believe I got out of there with only one picture my brother took of me and Kaitlyn. I usually take pictures of everything!

The second band on stage was called Still Standing. Never heard of them. They all had the hard core rocker look though, tats, leather and all. I was mesmerized by one of the guitar players and spent more time paying attention to him than to the music. He just looked too pretty to be a guy! His body frame could even be a woman's. Heck, he already had on the eyeliner so maybe he really was a woman. Okay I'll quit now. The lead singer to this band wasn't as much fun as the beginning band but they were okay. Ryan said all their songs sounded the same. Yeah, pretty much they did.

By now there was lots of smoking and boozing going on. At least Kaitlyn got to see how drunk people act. She said she's never drinking! See, I guess she got a good education out of it after all.
It was starting to get HOT, HOT, HOT too by the time Firehouse came on. They were definitely worth watching perform. I've been singing, "Don't treat me bad", "Love of a lifetime," and "When I look into your eyes," ever since then. Anyone remember those songs? It really brought me back in time. My throat started to hurt from screaming by the time they left the stage.

We were starving when Great White came on so we headed for some grub and sat down on the grass to watch the last performance of the night. I didn't really know who they were. They were kind of boring though so we only stayed for a couple songs and then we headed out of town. Thanks Ryan and Kaitlyn for going with me! Sorry about the bad parts Katie-Kate but I hope you had fun with us anyways!


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