Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins

1. The last thing I ate was a Hawaiian personal pan pizza and a diet Pepsi. I completely forgot to pack a lunch today. Well, maybe I just didn't want to since I have no food in my house! I need to go grocery shopping.

2. A few Pokemon party supplies is something I recently bought. Collin is insistent on having a Pokemon themed party this year. He's even enlisted grandma Christensen to make him a pokeball cake.

3. When it rains, it reminds me of how bad our little valley needs moisture. This year with all the rain has been awesome!

4. My mother in law was the first person I talked to today. She called at almost 7:30 and I'm glad she did since I was still in bed!

5. Hugs are wonderful! Especially the one I got this morning from Carlee. She said, "I loves you!" and gave me a huge squeeze. Priceless.

6. I like to read the little quotes as I unwrap my Dove dark chocolate squares for extra comfort. Today they read: "Find little ways to make part of your day like a day off" and "Happiness is contagious". Oh okay so I ate another one that says: "Share our similarities, celebrate our differences" but I swear it was the last one I ate...

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to seeing two of my brothers! My baby brother flew in from Florida last night (woo hoo!!!) and one of my older brothers came home the weekend from Pocatello (double woo hoo!!) tomorrow my plans include goofing around with my bros and family ( especially since I already did my weekend housework!) and Sunday, I want to cook yummy Mexican food for all three of my bros (yea I get 'em all home!) and take family pics, plus celebrate my father in laws b-day!


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Cherie said...

I find myself looking forward to your Friday Fill-ins - very fun!
My son is a Pokeman fanatic too! What is it about those little cartoon guys??? The boys love them - A party would be so fun!!

Have a great weekend with your company!!

Bald Celeb Outing said...

you are one of the few people i know who would appreciate a 7:30 am call from the MIL