Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rodeo Time!

On Friday the 17th we packed up into my mom's van and headed for a little rodeo action! Last year at the rodeo Carlee just kept on saying, "Horsie! Horsie! Horsie! Yee haw!" This year was no exception.

This is my grandma Brewer, Tina, and my mom Rhonda.
I love getting out with my family!

Hungry, hungry Carlee was non-stop eating that night. Here she is snitching Collin's cotton candy.

Yep, she was a sticky mess afterwards.

Here she is after stealing grandma's snowie. We bought her one without red dye but she wasn't having it. Everyone else had red so we gave in and gave her a red one too. I think she is sick of being different.

Carlee had to swipe some of grandma's hamburger too. Yes, we did feed her before we even came to the rodeo but she still acted like she was starving!

Grandma bought some popcorn and of course she had to eat that too!

Collin loves to participate in the Bob Sherman's Memorial Stick Horse Race. I wonder what he liked better: the race or flirting with the cowgirls. Hmmm....



Whoo hoo!

Get around that barrel Collin!

Collin swears he was neck and neck to this boy but it looks like Collin was trailing a bit. A picture is worth a thousand words Collin!

Everyone that participated got a squirt gun. Collin immediately wanted to fill his up with ice water and squirt daddy. Good job Collin!

This is the first year that Collin participated in the calf scramble. I think that's what it was called, I don't really remember.

Anyways, Collin had to chase a calf with ties on it and try to pull one off. Whoever did got a prize.

Collin didn't get one but he did have fun. That's all that counts right?

The little clown dancers were so cute! Collin said he wanted to dance too. Maybe next year!

We always love to see the flag presentation before all the action begins.
Don't you just love America!

The rest of the pictures are of the bare back bronco riders and a couple bull riding shots in no particular order. We love the action! I still can't figure out why I can't get any good action pics at night though. Sigh.

We had a blast and we're glad we went. We'll have to go again next year!


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Ashley said...

Looks like great summer fun! I love rodeos!