Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Atomic Days!!

Our little local town of Arco, ID celebrates
Atomic Days every year. Why? Because:

"On July 17, 1955, Arco became the first city in the world to be lit by nuclear energy! Electricity, generated by the Boiling Water Reactor III (EBR I) at the internationally renowned Department of Energy Idaho National Laboratory, was switched by local technicians to light our little City of Arco for approximately 2 hours on that historic day. Arco’s Atomic Days, sponsored by the Butte County Chamber of Commerce is held annually on the weekend closest to the July 17th anniversary, is a community-wide celebration of this historic day in our community’s history. High school graduation and family reunions, as well as the wide variety of things to do and see, draw folks from across America to our hometown. We hope that you will stop in and enjoy the celebration, activities and history Arco has to offer!" (blurb taken from

The kids favorite part of the celebration is the parade, fun at the park, and the rodeo. They definitely had a blast this year. Check out a few pics from the parade!

This is my father in law Larry lounging on the lounge chair. So nice to see him there! We were also graced with our uncle Johnny and Aunt Patty's presence. We don't get to see them enough.

Collin had to take a picture of his cousin Kaitlyn.

(Collin, Kaitlyn, Tina, and Carlee)

Oh look! Here comes the parade!

Yummy ICEE's!

We love our veterans!

Here's a pic of me with the kids before Eric handed the camera duty to me.

Check out my candy!

Carlee still thought the sirens and horns were too loud.

Brotherly love.

Kaitlyn and Collin had to watch out for Carlee a lot this parade. There were some really bratty boys that kept trying to steal the candy right out from under her. Poor little Carlee is too slow and they took advantage of that. They also kept going past us to steal the other little girls candy next to us! So rude. Kaitlyn and Collin had Eric's permission to knock 'em over but they were too nice. They were really frustrated with them though. We try to teach our kids to be nice and fair but this parade we had to tell them to push the boys outta the way and get that candy! You know, if they don't get any candy then momma doesn't get any candy. Momma has got to eat you know. Just kiddin'. Sort of...

Yea! Horsies!!

The parade always has a collection of older cars rolling by. I should have got a picture of all the cars later at the park but I forgot to take many pictures there.

Usually we have a short display of wheelies and stunts from local motorists. The kids love it! I had to take a picture of the littlest performer because he was so darned cute. Daddy says when Collin gets a dirt bike he'll have to practice so he can be in the parade.
Ummm, sure.
In the future.
WAY in the future!

After the parade we headed down to the park to check out the fun. They had craft booths, jump houses, food and games. Eric participated in the horse shoes this year but got beat out by an older retired couple. I'm sure they had more time to practice!

The kids had to go on the cute little tractor ride that was touring the park. So cute! Collin is riding with his buddy Zane.

The girls had to ride in the back. I wish I would have got more pictures of them playing but oh well. It was soooo hot I think my brain was melting anyways. It was a fun morning though and we're glad we went.


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Cherie said...

What fun pictures and a fun celebration!!

We have lived in Idaho for 18 years and drove through Arco for the first time just last summer! I had no idea until we drove through that it was the first city to be lit by nuclear energy - Kind of cool claim to fame!!

Holly said...

Having Arco roots like we do, we should come out to that one year!